How to Charm Women With Witty Banter

Fun fact- the same Coach Kyle who has your back when it comes to your success with beautiful women wasn’t born with the charisma or casanova confidence he carries himself with today. Far from it.

In fact, I began my journey as a complete dork- a socially awkward, introverted, and painfully insecure video game nerd (True story).

And as you may have guessed, going from that to having immense success and choice with beautiful women has been a challenging transformation given the place I came from.

More so, because I faced a multitude of stubborn obstacles that presented themselves along my learning curve, costing me tons of opportunities with beautiful women.

While the first one as you may have guessed is the obvious approach anxiety (the nerve-wracking fear of approaching beautiful women), another big one that took my results to the moon when fixed was the struggle to get women interested in talking to me.

Imagine making the effort to drop your pride, push through your fears, and finally approach a girl, only for her to act like she’s doing you a favor by giving you her time of day.

The blasé attitude, the aloof body language, the distinct look of boredom in her eyes as they glaze over you, and her stubborn “no’s” every time you attempt to move things forward.

Know what I mean?

Long story short, to know that women just aren’t reciprocating with the level of energy and enthusiasm (due to their lack of interest) that you’d like them to reciprocate with flat-out sucks.

What’s even crazier is that I realized I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t make a girl laugh and giggle to save his life.

In fact, it just so happens that over 95% of my own students struggled with this exact sticking point early on in their journey with game and pick-up.

And that’s why I say what I’m about to say with so much conviction: “Most men are flat-out boring to women”. The phrase “women just wanna have fun” exists for a reason and if you can’t engage them on an emotional level, chances are your desire to attract women will continue to remain a distant reality…

Which is kinda why I’m writing this comprehensive guide for you:

So you know exactly how to engage women in a way that piques their interest and inspires their curiosity to know more about you with an effective “social tool” called banter.

By understanding the ins and outs of witty banter and playful teasing, you’ll have no problem conveying yourself as that naturally funny, smooth, and charming guy, and making the process of attracting women feel smooth and effortless.

Let’s crack into it.


What Is Banter And How Does It Help With The Ladies?

As established in an earlier article on flirting with women, the emotion of attraction is born from tension, challenge, and mystery.

Simply put, if there’s no tension in your interaction, there’s no attraction. Think of tension as fuel for attraction to happen.

With your conversation lacking any kind of emotional tension, things are going to feel logical, boring, and monotonous like this…

how to charm women with playful banter

Instead of feeling exciting, unpredictable, and mysterious like this.

how to charm women with witty banter 2

To that end, a great way to spark said tension is by sprinkling some playful banter on your interaction every once in a while.

Simply put, banter is an exchange of playful insults between two people done with the intention to add spice, excitement, and a sense of light leg-pulling to the interaction.

When you develop the ability to come up with spontaneous witty comments, serve clever comebacks, and tell funny stories, you charge your conversation with good emotions.

And because women are emotional beings, you’ll see a dramatic change in their behavior as they treat you with more warmth, attention, and affection.

So if you want your crush to drop her guard and open up her submissive feminine self to you, banter is the way to make it happen.

I promise you, that knowing how to make a woman laugh is a powerful tool that can not only help you build chemistry and attraction but also gain admiration and compliance from the women you talk to.


Banter Is A Learnable Skill

While it’s true that some men are gifted with a sharp wit from birth, you don’t need to be a seasoned comedian to banter like a pro.

Sure, knowing how to banter is an art in itself. However, it is possible to develop this skill to perfection and ensure your banter hits the right spots if you follow and apply certain rules and guidelines.

That said, let’s dive into the different styles of banter and how they all play out to help supercharge your interaction with fun and excitement.

Not only will this give you a deeper insight into the different “flavors” of banter but also help you identify and double down on the style that best fits your unique personality.

Let’s dive into it.


Witty Banter Style #1. Playfully Disagree

This is one of the most effective styles of banter given its potency when it comes to breaking out of boring, bland, and logical small talk.

Most nice guys adopt the approach of submitting to every whim and fancy that women throw their way, never realizing that this kind of dynamic creates no tension or challenge and is boring at best.

On the flip side, playfully disagreeing with women jolts the interaction with tension and serves as a great pattern-interrupt to escape the monotony of pointless factual talk (and the awkward silences that could follow).

Remember, the key here is to spark sexual tension and chemistry by creating a sense of challenge and unpredictability.

Here’s a quick example of playfully disagreeing with women:

HER: What’s your favorite NBA team?

YOU: I live for the Lakers, what about you?

HER: I’m a Boston girl… Celtics all the way!

YOU: No wayyy! I better get going before you and I get into our first ugly fight (light smirk).


Witty Banter Style #2. Exaggerated Assumption

This style of witty remarks is where you take a piece of information that you get from your girl (like an observation or something she shared about herself) and exaggerate it in a way that playfully pokes at her.

As an example, a client of mine was out recently, talking to this girl at the bar.

This guy does not like to drink alcohol and was sipping on a glass of water. Turns out that the girl he was talking to had similar views on alcohol and was holding a glass of water in her hand too (what a coincidence right?).

Instead of exploiting their shared outlook towards sobriety and going “I can’t believe we have so much in common!” (a needy approach that most nice guys would take)…

He used this piece of information to tease the girl with this exaggerated assumption:

CLIENT: I’m not too big on alcohol so I just prefer to sip on water when I’m out at the club.

GIRL: That’s funny because I’m drinking water too!

CLIENT: Oh, so I guess I don’t have to catch you from stumbling around the bar later. Jeez, that would be embarrassing!

Bang on. The best part is that the girl came back with another witty response by saying:

“Trust me, it could’ve been a lot worse. You could’ve had to pull my hair over the toilet while I threw up.”

As you can see, challenging girls in a fun way will make them want to challenge you back by coming up with their own unique banter as your interaction takes a more exciting and flirtatious flavor.


Witty Banter Style #3. The Conclusion

Now that we’ve been disagreeing and making assumptions about the girl we’re teasing, it wouldn’t hurt to take things a notch further and make a mischievous conclusion about her. (:

A great way to do this is by giving her a playful nickname to pull her leg on something she said or something you observed about her personality.

Some generic conclusive go-to nicknames that I personally like to use to tease the women I’m talking to are:

  • The Bratt
  • The Princess
  • Fiesty Face
  • Hippie Stoner Girl
  • The Church Girl
  • The Dominatrix
  • The Party Girl

For example, if the girl tells me that she lives in a remote neighborhood, my conclusion would be something like “Oh, so I guess you were raised on a cornfield”.

If she tells me that she reported late to work because she was out the night before, her conclusive nickname is The Irresponsible Party Girl.



Like I previously stated, most men are flat-out boring to women. And you know what kills every last bit of potential attraction with the girls you’re talking to?


And I don’t want you to be that boring nice-guy. Not on my watch.

If you consistently apply the concepts and guidelines I’ve laid out for you in this article, you’re sure to experience a dramatic change in the way you communicate with women.

You’ll see how executing these banter techniques jolts your conversation with sexual tension, chemistry, and flirtation as getting attraction from women starts to feel more and more natural and effortless.

Its about time you snapped out of nice-guy small talk and made those proverbial sparks of excitement fly.



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