How to Rizz Up A Girl | Flirting with Beautiful Women 101

What Does it Mean to “Have Rizz” or to “Rizz a Girl Up”?

Be it Donald Trump’s uncanny ability to entertain his way into the US presidency, The Rock’s electrifying presence that captivated millions around the world, or the secret sauce behind Russell Brand’s playboy lifestyle that got him branded “Shagger Of The Year” by The Sun…

It all comes down to a potent, magnetic trait that every single one of these men exhibits- A trait that we (often, without understanding its true meaning) call charisma.

Charisma is the ability to express one’s personality in its rawest form without any kind of apolegetic people-pleasing filter or self-judgment, and with a complete i-d-g-a-f kind of indifference towards the opinions of the external world.

It’s that “love me or hate me, I’m going to do me” kind of compelling BDE that cuts through the noise of political correctness and fake fronts, and attracts one on a profound, visceral level- because it feels so real.

As an accomplished dating coach, what I can say from my own personal experiences is that this is the kind of rawness and authenticity that the most natural flirts carry themselves with… the same kind of magnetic charm that makes women feel that uncontrollable pull of attraction towards you.

So when someone goes, “Woah! This dude has mad rizz”, they’re talking about that person’s ability to attract women with his cha-rizz-ma and flirting genius.

To that end, I want to assure you that you too can cultivate a world-class flirting arsenal and successfully rizz up girls and build a lasting, genuine connection with women if you understand and apply this article to a tee.

Sound good?

Well, now that we’ve established that your flirting skills are like oxygen if you want to rizz up beautiful women and make your dating life explore, let’s get a practical understanding of…

The Psychology Behind Flirting and How It Sparks Attraction

Simply put, flirting is a way of injecting a healthy amount of tension and challenge while talking to women, done with the purpose of sparking chemistry, excitement, and attraction in the interaction.

The problem is that most men are so smitten when they meet an attractive woman, they’ll do anything to avoid the risk of losing her. As a result, they engage in a number of nice-guy behaviors with a mindset of “the more I please her, the faster I’ll win her approval”.

They shower women with compliments on what she’s wearing, spoil them with expensive gifts, put up an agreeable front and get walked all over, submissively let women have their way with them, and hold back on disagreeing with them in any way because that would mean the risk of pissing her off.

The only problem with this is that as counter-intuitive as this may sound, the feeling of attraction is born from conversational themes of confrontation, challenge, and mystery when brought about in a playful way (keyword being playful).

And because these nice-guy gimmicks don’t enable any of these conversational themes, they make the conversation feel bland, boring, and a bit too vanilla. And since women are attracted to fun and excitement, it turns them off faster than a light switch.

So if you’ve had a girl go, “umm…you seem like a really nice guy, but I don’t think of you in that way” or “you seem like a great guy, but I’m not looking for a relationship at the moment”, it’s probably because you didn’t sprinkle enough flirtation in your interaction and ended up getting friend-zoned.

But when you switch things up and start flirting with women, you’ll start to see how girls start to invest more and more in the interaction by challenging you back and notice how quickly things start moving from bland and boring to exciting, unpredictable, and flirtatious.

Long story short, if you want to build chemistry and genuine interest with the women you’re talking to, flirting is the name of the game.

So I guess the real question after all is, how do you make things fun and flirtatious when you’re in an interaction with your crush? What do you say so that you can subtly flirt with her and get her to unleash her girly giggles? How do you say it? Should you exhibit open body language? How should your voice sound?

Well, since flirting at its most basic level is a mode of communication, let’s simplify things and break it down into its verbal and non-verbal components.

In this article, I’ll first walk you through the verbal techniques or the “what to say” aspect of flirting with women. Once you have a working understanding of the conversational themes that help you go from dull small talk to playful flirting, we’ll explore what I like to call unspoken rizz, the “how to say it” aspect of flirtatious communication.

Verbal Techniques to Make Things Fun and Flirty

In this section, I’ll be showing you a couple of proven conversational patterns and verbal structures that I’ve personally tried and tested to escape boring, platonic small talk, and make things flirty with women

Here we go:

1. The Push-Pull

The push-pull is basically a backhanded compliment. In other words, the push-pull can be defined as a remark that seems like a compliment on the outside but comes with an implied playful jibe.

An example of push-pull is “You look amazing… for your age”.

While the compliment component (the pull) of this statement is the fact that she looks amazing, you’re also taking a subtle dig and pulling her leg by implying that she’s old (the push).

If you want to learn more about the push-pull, watch me break it all down for you in my Youtube video:

2. Misinterpretation

Simply put, Misinterpretation is the act of playfully reframing something that the girl says and giving it a meaning that serves you by implying (and oftentimes, exaggerating) her interest in you.

An example of Misinterpretation, let’s say you’re talking to a girl at the bar, and in conversation, she asks you if you’ve finished your drink yet.

A great way to playfully misinterpret her question could be by saying, “Relax! Why are you in such a hurry? Are you trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?”

In the above example, we are playfully “misinterpreting” the idea of her asking you about your drink and reframing it as her desperately waiting to get you drunk so she can take advantage of you.

If you want to learn more about misinterpretation, here are a few more examples to show you how it’s done:

3. Teasing

Ever thought why it’s so common to see the tightest of buddies ball-bust and banter with each other all the time?

Because contrary to what your instincts would tell you, a healthy amount of leg-pulling not only breaks the ice but also creates rapport and strengthens bonds between people, which is the exact premise that playful teasing rests on.

While most men resort to using cheesy pick up lines to “impress” women, they usually tend to go nowhere simply because they lack authenticity.

Teasing on the other hand is a great way to challenge girls in a way that’s unique to them, keeps things light and playful, and gets them to invest their emotions in you, all of which are the perfect conditions for attraction to happen.

And I can tell you from experience that girls love when they finally meet a guy who can tease them and make them feel just the right mix of alive and vulnerable.

Here’s a few easy and applicable techniques that you can use to tease women and get them giggling with attraction.

4. Takeaways

Takeaways is a flirting technique where you deliberately (and playfully) reject a woman by withdrawing your attention, validation, or interest from her, inorder to get her to invest in the interaction and chase you.

Using takeaways serves you in 2 ways:

1. Given that beautiful women are used to living a reality where they’re always made to feel perfect, withdrawing your approval breaks the pattern, gets her to snap outside her comfort zone of endless validation from men, and immediately commands her attention.

2. It helps you cut through the noise and stand out from your competition of helpless simps that bombard her with compliment after compliment, secretly hoping that would help them seal the deal.

Here’s an example of takeaways:

YOU: What’s your favorite animal?

GIRL: I love bunnies, kittens, piggies. Anything that’s cute, really.

YOU: Oh God, I already know you and I can never work out. You’re way too nice for me. smirk

Now that we’ve covered the verbal component of being a world-class flirt, let’s dive into…

Unspoken Rizz: The Non-Verbal Techniques That Max Out Your Rizz Game

1. Eye Contact

Being able to maintain eye contact is the most honest signal of confidence as a man.

But there’s an art to it. It has to be done a certain way to create attraction and desire.

We don’t want to aimlessly look at women with a glassy-eyed stoner gaze just for the sake of making eye contact. Nor do we want to death-stare them like a serial killer because that would make them feel uncomfortable.

Another common mistake that a lot of dudes make is to look away abruptly and break eye contact while flirting with women, which coveys low-status male energy and a lack of confidence.

If anything, women are secretly hoping you’ll look right into their souls with deep and unwavering, yet relaxed eye contact that conveys your dominance as a man and makes them feel just the right amount of vulnerability in your presence.

So make sure your eyes are locked with your girl when you’re out there spitting out that rizz game.

2. Smile

Since the aim of flirting with women is to create fun, excitement, and ultimately attraction, you want to do anything but look like a whiny grandpa while you rizz them up.

And the best way to keep things light is (surprise, surprise) showing off those pearly whites.

Smiling while talking to women injects emotion into your interaction, conveys good energy, and keeps things light which paves the way for attraction to happen.

3. Vocal Tonality

While the words you say certainly matter while talking to women, you also need to be mindful of the way you deliver them.

Changing the pitch of your voice and cadence of your sentences every now and then not only serves as a pattern interrupt and commands attention, but also builds emotional tension which, as previously discussed, is a key theme that attraction is found on.

With that said, if you want to get a deeper understanding of the non-verbal aspect of flirting with women, watch my video where I systemically dissect each of the mentioned pointers:

How to Rizz Up a Girl On Text

No doubt flirting with women is the most powerful when done in person, but it’s likely that your dating life will present you with situations where you’ll have to bring your flirting game to text messages. I like to call this text flirting.

Imagine you just matched with a total smokeshow on Tinder and you want to move things from the dating app messenger to a phone call so you can ask her out…

Or say this cute sales girl you met and vibed with at the grocery store gave you her digits, and you’re not sure what to text to “convince” her to go out with you.

This is where you need to understand how flirting with women through text messages works, so you have a proven gameplan to turn your matches into meet-ups.

While the basic idea behind flirting on text vs. flirting in person remains the same, here’s a few different examples to help you get a real world understanding of how text flirting works so you feel confident talking to women in your online dating life.

Example #1:


Here’s a small example from one of my Bumble chats.

  • The girl kicks off the conversation with a very basic “hey”.
  • I reply with “Hey so.. I guess we’re dating now.. ?”
    Besides establishing a subtle man-to-woman frame by spelling out what’s going on, this phrase also adds a sense of excitement with regards to where this conversation could go.
  • She fires back with “Is that true haha”
    This is the classic playfully cocky response that women will give you when they like what they hear.
  • I playfully set myself up as a scarce high-value guy by implying that she’s going to have to jump through certain “hoops” to get my approval (in this case, by proving that she’s not crazy). This not only helps me seperate myself from the ocean of thirsty Tinder bros, but also helps build tension and anticipation, which as discussed, is key to creating attraction.

Example #2:


Let’s crack into another example:

  • The girl starts the conversation with a bland “hey”
  • I reply back with the classic “hey trouble”.
    This flirty response is designed to do two things:
    – By calling her trouble, I playfully push her away by implying that hanging out with mischevious little women like her should be avoided by nice guys like me 🙂
    – This also creates a sense of curiosity around why I called her trouble in the first place making her invest more in the conversation.
  • She completely ignores my previous message and replies with “what’s up”
  • Another good way of flirting with women is to playfully call them out on something you wanted them to do but they didn’t do.
    So I jokingly call her out about sneakily ignoring my previous message by saying “I love how you didn’t deny it. We might get along after all”, almost like I’m saying “I see what you did there”, which again adds some mystery and leg pulling to the conversation.
  • She replies positively by saying “haha why deny something that might be true”

While the screenshots you see above are just segments of a full blown dating app interaction that converted into a meet up, you can get your hands on several such conversation with me personally breaking all my stealth flirting tactics for you in my online dating course- Text Game and Social Media Mastery.


To sum it all up, learning how to flirt is non-negotiable if you want to spark attraction, desire, respect, and connection while talking to beautiful women.

When you master the art of flirting, setting up that polarizing man-to-woman chemistry becomes effortless. And when things are man-to-woman, attraction is inevitable.

It’s literally that simple.

When you internalize and apply these lessons to a tee, you’ll watch how women hang on to your every word, open up to you, and unleash their playful, girly side on you.


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