What to Do When a Girl Looks at You

My path from living the miserable life of a dorky, introverted, and socially awkward video game nerd to dating some of the most beautiful women in my city has left me knowing a thing or two about, well… women.

More specifically, the ways of women in the world of dating and relationships-

What they’re seeking out in men, what intrigues them (and what turns them off), and how their emotions and behaviors change in response to the ways in which you as a man communicate with them.

A common theme that I see with women though, is that they’re a lot more subtle in their ways as compared to men… In the way they express their interest and flirt with you, in the way they open doors for you to take things forward, and even in the way they look at you when they find you attractive.


Most guys blindly assume that women are way too busy getting checked out for them to have the time to do any of the checking out…

but you’ll be shocked to know that women too, will turn their heads and maintain eye contact with you when they like what they see…

Except, they’re a lot more subtle about it.

While the act of her locking eyes with you is a total no-brainer that she’s interested and likely wants you to approach her, this article will show you how to double down on her intrigue and engage her in a conversation, of course, without making things awkward.

Sounds good?


Before we begin though, I want you to know that I’ve structured this article in a very specific way to make sure you get a comprehensive, 360-degree understanding of how to make this happen.

I’ll start by highlighting the attraction-killing mistakes most guys make they catch a girl making eye contact with them (the don’ts). This will make you identify and help avoid any kind of body language communication that could cost you your window of opportunity.

Next up, I’ll give you a proven set of communication techniques that I’ve personally used as “conversation starters” to not only respond to attractive women making eye contact, but also transition into a conversation in a way that feels naturally attractive and exciting (the do’s).

Let’s get into it:


Common Mistakes Guys Make When They Catch Girls Making Eye Contact With Them

You’re sitting at your Starbucks table waiting patiently for your iced caramel machiato, or simply walking down the street minding your own business when it happens…

There she is, standing right in your line of sight as you catch her looking at you from the corner of her big beautiful eyes.

Not even a second has passed since you caught her gaze and your mind is already swamped with a barrage of thoughts on what your move should be… so much so, that the chaos almost always leads you into making one of these 2 attraction killing mistakes:


Mistake #1: The Flinch (Nervously Breaking Eye Contact)

breaking eye contact

If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that making and holding prolonged eye contact with people builds a certain level of tension between you and them (yes, it is safe to try this at home lol)…

And this tension could affect you in a number of ways depending on how experienced and comfortable you are with eye contact as a whole.

If you have a certain level of confidence locking eyes with people, the tension won’t be able to push you off your game.

But if you don’t, you’re probably going to feel overwhelmed by all this attention she’s giving you, lowkey panic, flinch, and abruptly break eye contact with her.

And because women can ituitively read your body language, they’ll sense this nervous behavior as a sign of low value and almost instantly get turned off.

Long story short, looking away nervously and abruptly makes you look shy, socially awkward, and submissive which is NOT a good look if you want to move things forward.


Mistake #2: The Death Stare (Engaging In an Eye Contact Battle)

aggressive eye contact

This is the complete opposite of mistake #1.

This stems from the assumption that taking things to the other extreme and staring women down with a cold and soulless gaze will display their masculinity and confidence.

However, the truth is that this aggressive style of eye contact does nothing but creep women out and scare them away.

While you can definitely use your eye contact to display a healthy amount of masculine dominance, taking it too far can hurt your chances.

So instead of engaging in an eye contact battle, I want you to look at this moment as an opportunity to create the right emotional conditions to move the interaction forward.

How do you accomplish this? That’s exactly what we’re going to break down in the next section.


The Right Way to Respond to Women When they Make Eye Contact With You

Now that you know what NOT to do when you catch attractive women looking at you, let’s talk about what you should do.

As discussed previously, I’m going to walk you through 3 tried-and-tested body language techniques that you can apply to seize the moment, share positive energy, and create the right emotional environment to make your approach the best she’s ever had.

Let’s crack into it.


Technique #1: Don’t Break Eye Contact

Keep in mind that catching a girl locking eyes with you is a great opportunity to demonstrate your confidence and spark good emotions.

And that just simply isn’t possible when you break eye contact.

While that’s not to say that you want to commit mistake #2 and get into a stare down, the best way to move things forward while maintaining eye contact is to blend it in with…


Technique #2: Confident Smile

Nothing screams “harmless and friendly” like a good ol’ confident smile.

So when you smile at women while looking at them, it serves you in a number of ways:

  • It shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously and that you’re a sociable dude
  • Sends out good energy by by showing her that you’re a fun guy which naturally draws women in
  • Gives them a sense of reassurance that you aren’t a threat to them.

That being said, you must understand that smiling in a way that’s attractive is a skill in itself and comes with its own set of nuances.

To begin with, you don’t want to be cheesin’ and showing her all your 32 pearly whites. The wider the smile, the needier you look.

Instead, you want to give off a light smile that let’s her know that you like what you see but also that you’re not thirsting over it.

Remember, the power lies in the subtlety of your smile.


Technique #3: Light Head Nod

Now that you’re holding eye contact and giving off a light, yet confident smile, you want to acknowledge her expression of interest in you with a light head nod.

While there are other ways of acknowledgement like waving your hands at her and other wide hand gestures, you want to ensure that your communication isn’t over the top.

The more subtle you are, the less needy and more high value you come off.

Lastly, you want to make sure you’re stull smiling while you deliver your head nod.


When you combine the 3 techniques we just discussed and put them into play, here’s a visual of what it should look like:

what to do when a girl looks at you


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